Friday, February 24, 2012

Not-So-Cool Version of Those "What I Really Do" Posters....Girl Scout Cookies Edition

Aside from putting together sweet copycat posters (including finding a way to word the captions all the same), which I do not find to be terribly important so it won't count, I've discovered over the last couple of weeks the one thing that I'm not even sort of good at doing. I was absolutely correct in my initial assessment of my abilities regarding managing cookie sales for the troop. It's not my thing. I'm not a detail person in normal life, so when you add in my current gestational state and Paul's current work schedule, we get a recipe for Liz Fischer stressing out over piles of invoices and boxes of cookies never adding up the right way...anyway, I called it back in November when I started asking, with increasing desperation, for one of the other troop parents to step up and do this. I am awesome at basically all of the other Girl Scouty stuff: taking hikes, going on adventures, planning fun lessons and great crafts, tying all our learning together, encouraging the kids, teaching goofy campfire songs, creating calendars and balancing activities...all that.

But THIS stuff? Notsomuch.

Enter the funny posters that are making their way around the internet. I posted the military wife one a while ago....well, here's the Girl Scout Cookies from My Perspective edition:

What my daughter thinks it's like:

How my friends (whose orders have actually been delivered) see me:
Very close representation of what my husband got to come home to after being in the field for a month and a half:
What the other parents in our troop probably think I'm doing:
What it's actually like:

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That's a lot of cookies:)