Saturday, November 12, 2011


It doesn't take long! Every weekend I conveniently forget what it's like to do everything because my husband sort of takes over (at least) half of the stuff.

And it doesn't take long for me to forget that we live half a mile from the beach in a charming community. When the beach is 'closed' then I just remember the impossible-to-keep-clean white berber carpets, the toilet upstairs that overflows EVERY time our girls use it, the refrigerator that freezes produce and melts chicken and the janky master bedroom doorknob that occasionally locks us inside, forcing my poor husband to crawl out the window into 35-degree predawn freezingness. I know without a doubt that when I look back on this house, I will remember those things with head-shaking fondness as "quirks." I'll probably even miss them in a way...and maybe I'll write something here about it (hopefully while my laptop sits on granite countertops)...

Of course I'm forgetting my friend who just spent five months (!!!!) in a hotel in South America while her husband's job was trying to find a house for them there. Then they had to drop $11k of their own money to fix up said house, and even though they'll be reimbursed for that and the FIVE MONTHS of hotel And I'm whining about wallpaper.

It's so easy to forget to say thank you, isn't it? To get used to being spoiled and having everything easy? Especially at this time of year, when we over here in our comfortable western world are gearing up to spend tons of money on one another...this is the place in the blog where most people would drop a bomb on you about how they're not buying Christmas presents this year or something. That's not what you're getting from me. I'm actually not even taking my Daisies to serve at the soup kitchen until March (when everyone has pretty much forgotten that poor people are still hungry)....I'm just remembering that I've got it pretty darn good, cracked tile countertops and all. =)

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Jo said...

Thanks for the reminder! I've got those darn cracked tile countertops too (the ones where the grout NEVER looks clean).