Monday, November 14, 2011

Our Weekend

....was GREAT.

First, to address a question regarding the dishwasher situation. I said thank you several times and brought his lunch to him which I hardly ever do on the weekends. I also happened to get out of unloading the dishwasher every day this weekend, which may or may not be a direct result of that yummy grilled ham and cheese sandwich. =)

Moving on! Friday we went out, Saturday we had a great dinner with friends, Sunday we hung out and enjoyed the a-mazing weather and Carly and I had Girl Scouts. Great weekend! Poor Paul is on the range this's an hour and a half away and he has to be there at 5. Boo!

Pecan pies, take two. The first batch I tried to make in the mixer ended up splattered across nearly ever surface of my kitchen. This time I got smart...ish...we still lost a couple of eggs, but this was far preferable to scraping vanilla-scented goop off the fan blades.
 Silly monkeys outside! Because we are horrible parents, we forced them to stay outside and play in the sunshine for three hours. Added benefit being that I also had to stay outside in that amazing weather instead of scrubbing baseboards. Aaaaand Mommy for the win! =)
 How CUTE are they???? Our project for the week was to create an animal they thought would be "courageous and strong" using a bunch of different art supplies. Each tray had something different and the girls would switch every three minutes. They came up with some GREAT stuff!
 Carly at the colored-pencil station. This was their first stop, and I learned that 21 minutes is just too long to expect them to stay focused on any one project, even if the materials were changing. I think, just based on yesterday, that 15 minutes is the max. Is that about right for six and seven year olds? It's about right for these girls, anyway. =)

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