Friday, November 04, 2011


Y'all. I have really been off my mama game this fall. Like, for serious. We've done basically nothing awesome since summer ended, and we were all missing it. SO! Enter Simple Mom (and Pinterest), some food coloring and leftover paint and boom! I know my table was so happy to witness some little kid crafting, the girls were soooo into it and it was just relaxing and fun. Plus it was artist-inspired, so Carly got a little enrichment in the mix...just all around greatness.

Bree was concentrating SO HARD on cutting out her tree trunks. Can you see that concentration? Love it.
The finished product! We didn't have green food coloring, so we did red, yellow and blue and ended up with an awesome mix. We painted big lines and then cut out the trunks, used cotton squares to paint clouds and glued it all together. It was a great 30 minute project. (And, hi, this is Bree's hair. If it's not in two ponies, it looks just like THIS).
Carly's forest! I'm excited to see what we can find for next Friday..not that I already have fifteen things pinned and a bunch of random art supplies or anything... =)

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