Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Bree's Day...and a Ninja

Well...my dear little Leo started off her day by doing THIS to locate her leggings. They were on the bottom of the basket and I'm pretty sure (although I don't have proof because I was in the other room at the time) that she was tossing items of clothing over her shoulder as she looked. That kid.
We went to the gym which is always fun and then we checked out this new park. She was hilarious and awesome as usual....she was wearing her skirted leotard and those DARN LEGGINGS...dance is tomorrow. She wanted to be ready. =)

Breaking it down on the steps.
After tearing up the park, we went to storytime! So fun!
Listen! Genius idea!!! The kids painted acorns and then sprinkled cinnamon on the wet paint - so it smells nice! Such a smart idea - I would have never thought of it! We read a million books in the library afterward then had lunch and took nice fabulous naps. It's always a good day when I can get that girl to sleep!
Then - Carly's project for the week. So cute. The first graders at her school are helping these poor scared turkeys disguise themselves before Thanksgiving. According to Carly, there have been fairy turkeys and ballerine turkeys returned and she wanted to do something different...so we did a ninja. AWESOME. Up at the top it says "you saw nothing!" and the bottom she put "Ninja! HaiYA!" hahahahahaha so cool.

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