Sunday, October 09, 2011

Two Little Monkeys Reading In The Bed

I've had this blog for SIX years and some change. That is a LONG time and wow - soooo much has changed.

For example, my kids are reading each other books right now. This is not an unusual thing, and really not all that blog-worthy, except they are in my bed. And they're going to stay there.

I KNOW, RIGHT?! The world must be coming to an end.

Except, okay, they both ended up in my bed on Friday night, the result of a number of nightmares and too much water at dinner. Bree got scared and crawled in and when Carly got up to go to the bathroom, she noticed her sister was missing *enter freakout* and well...she ended up on my left-hand side. It was so cozy! And they were remarkably well-behaved and sweet to one another on Saturday. And then today, the same thing. Snuggles with Mommy = happy, non-fighting kids. Who knew? =)

Obviously this sleeping situation has a shelf life of about ten more days until Daddy comes home, and I'm going to use those days to figure out how to manage my time with more efficiency so these poor attention deprived girls are getting what they need when the sun is up.

For now though? So cozy, and I'm loving every elbow-in-the-face moments of it.

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