Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Why Errands in Town Are A Good Thing. =)

Am I the only one who is having a hard time disciplining myself about kid's activities?

We do gymnastics, and we'll do dance. Then there's tennis, and swimming, and Girl Scouts, and piano. Oh and art class. And church stuff. PLUS seven hours of school each day and another hour or two of afterschool stuff so my girl can keep her edge. Yes, she's six and I'm talking about her keeping an edge. Talk to me when she's going to college for free. =)  Anyway, we're not doing soccer, so maybe that's a win in the discipline arena? I don't know. There's just so MUCH to do and she loves it ALL...maybe a more rational person would let her do one or two things a semester and then pick, but Paul and I decided that we're going to do what we do and make cuts if they're necessary, but to us, that schedule sounds AWESOME and totally fun. It sounds that way to Carly, too. =)

There was a point to all of that...oh right! Cooking! There's a cooking class for kids here and my busy bee wants to take it! But instead of paying the fee, I decided to let her help cook at home, Lord help us. Thankfully, Bree and her inability to NOT be directly under my feet at all times has already effectively removed whatever zen was left in cooking, but I might have to increase my wine consumption...now that I think about it, this might not be too bad after all! Haha. Wooooooo!

I worked with the family readiness officer of Paul's battallion for a few hours yesterday - it was super fun! I me the chaplain, who is a Catholic priest and just a great guy. He was there for Paul when the battery went through some tough times in 29Palms and I'm really happy that he'll be deploying with the battallion if and when and wherever they may go. He also promised me a few videos of Paul joking around with his guys that I will happily share with you next week when I go back into the office. (The chaplain offered to send the DVD home with Paul, but um do you know my husband? I would never see that DVD!) I also met the battallion Sergeant Major and a bunch of other guys. I surprised the heck out of a friend of ours - the look of surprise on his face was priceless! I think I was literally the last person on earth he expected to see coming around the corner. Fun times! As far as actual work, I did a bunch of organizing administrative stuff - it's amazing how much I love and am good at those things when they occur outside of my actual closets and garage.

Okay, so we're going into town to get a few things done. The good news is that I will actually have cell service and will be able to *try* to email pictures to myself and get them loaded up here. I know from my own experience that no one actually cares about all these words. Just photos, please!

I hope your Tuesdays are going well! These crazy girls and I are enjoying the beautiful weather and will hopefully be back here in a few hours with pictorial proof! =)

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