Monday, August 22, 2011

Irene, Schoolbuses and How I Might Overract Sometimes

This is kind of like the time when I was in high school and someone told me I was dramatic, and I acted like I was fainting with shock.

As it turns out, I just might have a tendency to overreact to certain (most?) situations. I'm only saying maybe, nothing definite, although lately the evidence has not really been working in my favor. =)

Anyway, there's a hurricane a brewin' off the coast of Florida. Maybe you heard? I hadn't, until this afternoon when I was sitting across the desk from Robin (our family readiness officer), waiting for this slooooow computer program to load so we could finish reconciling her contact sheets, and she got an email from her currently-deployed husband talking about hurricane Irene and how it might come this way.

Here's what I did in the three (I counted) minutes following her telling me about that email:

-Made reservations at the base hotel for Friday and Saturday night
-Emailed myself a list of disaster preparedness documents and items
-Started a list entitled "Important Things To Not Forget" that includes such necessary actions as "put Paul's TRI bike in the hallway" and "take the dollhouse out from in front of the window."
-Jotted down a quick list for the commissary, bottled water, first aid kid (!!!), trash bags (?), peanut butter

Nevermind that in the event of a hurricane, the rental people board up our windows, so the dollhouse thing isn't really going to do that much. The bike thing is actually kind of smart because the garage is a couple of feet lower than the hallway and it might flood, who knows. In my mind's eye, the storm surge is like thirty feet which might reach our house. Nevermind that the base hotel actually does have first aid supplies (also a very large hospital a couple of miles away...) and nobody in our family even likes peanut butter.

...I could go on...

Anyway, moving forward before this gets even longer, a friend of ours in Houston put her son on the bus and then he got on the right bus coming home, but missed his stop get this. I couldn't understand why nobody on Facebook was hyperventilating like I was. Oh my GOSH!!! Fortunately I didn't make any lists or plans about that, but I did come up with sixty-four contingencies and just decided none of those would work and I would drive Carly to and from school every day forever.

Nevermind that this is Cape Carteret, North Carolina, not the fourth largest city in the country. Seriously! Emerald Isle has 1/1,000 the number of people. One-one thousandth. I can't even pronounce that. There are precisely THREE buses for Carly's school...and they each make like four stops. It's a slightly different situation but still - panic! I'm not completely claiming this one, because I'm going to just say my reaction was wholly empathy for a friend, and....well no ands. We're going to stick with that.


In other news (yay!) the girls are officially registered at their ballet school! I had thought it was in the shopping center directly next to my neighborhood but it's not. It's directly across the street from us, one tiny little office building away from El Zarape, Carly's favorite restaurant of all time. I'm very much looking forward to not driving.

Wednesday is meet the teacher night. Also find-out-what-time-the-bus-comes would have been nice for planning purposes to know how my mornings were going to look (afternoons too!) but what can you do. Maybe if we had A THOUSAND TIMES more people (literally), we'd be a little more informed. =)

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