Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fun Times with Friends

Our friends are moving to the area - we are actually getting THREE families moving here in the next few months. The two extra kiddos in this picture came to hang out with us while their mom and dad drove allllll over this area with a realtor looking for houses. We had a great day! This is the part where we were eating fruit popsicles and playing in the pool Carly looks like a GIANT. And the three short ones are actually 3.5, 3 and just 2. Someone asked me if they were triplets and because all of the kids were going nuts at that point, I said yes. Haha! =)
Bree had never tasted a milkshake before. I'm pretty sure she liked it.
You like the super healthy food I was giving them for lunch? There's this AMAZING hamburger place right by our house - we'd never tried it before and because I am a crazy person, I brought all four of these little people out to eat. They actually did great once the food (finally) arrived. Before that...well...let's not discuss it. It was mostly Bree being nuts.
See that huge bowl of green stuff? Our little guy visitor asked if they were french fries and they were french cut green beans so I was like, oh totally, they're GREEN french fries, isn't that cool? Then they demolished them. Sweet! In reading back over this post, I realize I wasn't really winning in the honesty department, but I'm justifying it all and I have zero guilt. Actually, when it comes to getting kids to eat healthy food I think the normal laws of truthfulness don't apply.
Hanging in a pike position. Yes, she's amazing.

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