Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day of School!

Her sign says "This is my first day of 1st Grade!!!!!" and then the date. My pictures turned out really blurry today - I think it's because the air is very, very humid...or maybe because I'm using an iPhone when I should be using a camera...either or. =)
Bree needed to get in on the action, too. She drew a picture of our whole family....I told you she ALWAYS wears that veil, right? I was serious.
She would have been running if her backpack didn't weigh 20lbs. It's full of school supplies, a gigantic lunch and some paperwork we had to fill out for her teacher. It's the same b-pack as last year and holding up pretty well!
Cutie patootie in her first Zulily dress!
Large bow, large backpack. It's how we roll. =)
Bree refused to wear shoes, so she had to ride in the go-go-me. During the fit about the shoes she threw her veil actually AT me, so it had to go away for today. Fortunately she got over that trauma and held it together for a little while. =)
The bus was so late! Carly's poor hair had time to go from straight to THIS while we waited. It's going to be so crazy when she gets back from school this afternoon!
Those other three kids are older and have been riding this bus together for the whole time. After they and Carly stared at each other for ten minutes, Carly went to sit with them and they all started talking...after that point she wanted nothing to do with me. =)  I guess that's how it's supposed to work, right? I still sort of would have liked a goodbye hug or a wave or something...but what can you do? And independent kid is a good thing. =)
We waited for about half an hour for the bus...this is Bree letting ALL of us know how she felt about that. Actually, she was super unhappy because she got buckled in after not listening when I told her to keep her bare feet off the dirty parking lot. Pardon the polka dot panties. =)
That's all I got of Carly and the bus. She was in such a hurry to get on and meet some new friends! I know she's having a great day and I cannot wait for her to get off that bus at 3:05 and tell me all about it.

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McCoyFamily said...

That's so cool Carly get's to take the bus! She lookes so cute.. love her dress!!! Patrick really wishes he could take the bus to school:)