Sunday, July 31, 2011


Friday we needed a break from the sunshine a little bit, so we stayed in. We played Animalopoly and Carly  won BIG. This was okay with me and Amanda....Animalopoly isn't any quicker just because there are animals instead of properties and elements and habitats instead of houses and hotels. =)
Dinner was Carolina BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw, sweet potato fries and THIS blueberry pie. It was so yummy and made the house smell like a bakery. Well, a bakery that also makes pulled pork sandwiches...
I'm not sure exactly WHAT was going on in this photo, but it was hilarious. You will note Bree's cute little yellow outfit! Hello - Land's End 70% off!! HOLLA! It was fun to get a huge box of school clothes knowing I scored major deals on every stinking thing in there. You might ALSO note the giant hulking grill on the back deck and it's lovely swanky cover....Paul's Father's Day present. We love it!
My delicate flower.

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ADB said...

i pretty much loved everything about that day!! :)