Tuesday, June 07, 2011


I put up photos of our adventures pretty much every day on fb, but here are a few that actually got the camera. This is a random picture, but I la-la-la-LOVE Chestnut Hill streets and I had to add it. The girls and I found this cute little playplace off Germantown and went there every time it rained. We still have a few punches on our card, so you can expect we'll make a visit the next time we're in Philly.
The next day (or so...) we went to visit Aunt Amanda at her work. She runs one of her family's daycare centers and on the roof, there is an outdoor play area. I think it's so cool that the kids can play with a view of the Philadelphia skyline...not that any of them are tall enough to actually see over the safety wall, but still.
Silly sisters waiting for our food at lunch w/ Aunt Amanda and Uncle Pink.
The ZOO!!! PopPop and MomMom got us a membership so we could go as often as we wanted (3 times in 3 weeks!) and park for free. This is also a place we will be visiting when we're back up there.
Caramel rice cakes with Nutella....it was the snack of the trip. We had them everywhere we went and it was always a gigantic mess. =)

Playing at the awesome park in Chestnut Hill. That's Bree running around like a crazy person....she loved it!
Then the Arboretum a couple miles from the Fischers' house. It was so pretty! These (terrifying) nets were about fifty feet above ground and the girls loved them. I couldn't bring myself to actually walk out on it, though.
We were all over the arboretum that day. This is part of our walk through the woods...later there's a picture of Bree climbing on some rocks that belongs right here. We had such a great time exploring.
Walking in the creek!
LOVE these flowers! They're called al a mode peonies...SO pretty and huge!
Every morning that we didn't go out on an adventure as soon as we woke up, the girls helped PopPop tend the flowers. Bree was especially good at the sprayer.
Carly was especially good at planting flags for our Memorial Day festivities.
SUCH sweet girls!!! The first week was pretty rough, I have to be honest. But after that and continuing on to our trip here and moving in, they have been so super happy and easy. They were getting ready to get in the pool that PopPop picked out for them...it was a great call. You can see him setting up the 'diving' board in the background.
Here's the rocks picture. At first Bree looked at that outcropping and said she couldn't do it, but I told her that I love climbing on rocks and since she's my girl, she loves climbing on rocks, too. After that she said, oh okay and just scrambled up. Such a cool kid. =)
More pool pics! SO fun!!!
On our last full day of adventuring, we went to the art museum and explored the Waterworks. I love all the history in "Daddy's City."
We had a GREAT time. We went to a million places, which is to be expected, but it was just a blast. I had a little car thing on our way to go visit Aunt Diane and Uncle Mace, but Matty came to the rescue. Other than that, it was a perfect trip. The girls did amazingly well on our trip down and now we're busy unpacking and trying to make our house look nice. I'll post a few pics next. =)

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