Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Break!!! Wednesday - Spy Museum

Plan A: Go to Arboretum and Baked&Wired with the goal of trying to get dirtier and sweatier than Tuesday.

Intervening Factor: Off and On Rain, plus more forecast. (didn't actually happen, though)

Plan B: Take Bree to friend school like she keeps asking for. Still take Carly to Baked&Wired and get chocolate milk and local raspberry yogurt because they hadn't made anything gluten free yet. Hit up the Spy Museum (totally rad, but no photos allowed inside) and Wegman's and then go down to the track as a family and run around with the goal of trying to get dirtier and sweatier than Tuesday.
Mission Accomplished on the dirty/sweaty part. And of course as soon as we get home the rain decides to start....oh well! Friday looks great, so we'll try the Arboretum again then.
This is what it looks like under quite serious containment AND after it had been blow-dried straight and flat-ironed. I keep praying the front part of her hair will start to curl so we can just embrace the wave!
Great quote. Carly was pretty mad about still having to wear her Outside-Adventure shoes when we were going to be inside...
2.5 hours later, my sleepy spy...I'm normally not one to do the souvenir t-shirt, but this one was too perfect. That and it was about 42 degrees in the museum and Carly was literally shivering in her little sundress.
Tomorrow is up in the air! It is supposed to storm during the entire usable portion of the day, so we're going inside. Carly is getting choose and our options are going up to Baltimore to their big children's museum with the three-story climbing tower that two little monkeys I can name would LOVE, or going to see Rio and then going roller skating in the afternoon. It's a win-win either way, I think, and I know Carly will really dig being able to choose. Stay tuned!

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