Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our Day!

Paul is TAD which means two things: 1) we miss him and 2) there is far less real cooking. See below.

After we went to the farmer's market and church and had lunch and took naps and went down the hill to see Gnomeo and Juliet (sooo glad we only paid $7 total for that one!) we tried to go to the library but Bree climbed on top of the little playhouse and we had to leave before checking out any books. This is her having time out on the bench at the park...not for climbing on the playhouse, but for blowing really spitty raspberries and not stopping when she was told to. It's tough being 2! So many unfun consequences.

So we played for a little while and came home and Carly got really, really sad when she saw a bbq we hadn't been invited to...we're so used to going to everything in sight, it was hard to explain that sometimes things are different! I think it was a work-related thing, and she understood, but her feelings were still really hurt - that was so hard for me to see. =(  We called our friends who live in Georgia right now and Carly's friend Sophia got to tell Carly that they're moving to North Carolina this summer, too. Carly was soooo excited to talk to Sophia and sooo excited to hear that news that she forgot all about her sadness and started making big plans for the fall. Yay for resiliency!

This is Carly's new awesome dress from Auntie Anna and Uncle Paul. She l-o-v-e-s it! As you will see it passes the twirl test with FLYING colors. Her shoes don't go, but she really wanted to wear them beacuse they're new...I think they look kind of babyish on her (do NOT tell her I said that), but they're cute with the baptism dress they are intended to match. Haha!
Oh my poor girl and her hair. The slightest hint of activity or humidity and it does THIS.
She walks with such purpose and always has - I love it!!!
Okay and dinner! Well, we decided to call it berzinner, like 'berserk' and 'dinner' because Carly swore it tastes like dessert, and yet we had it for dinner! It was just a few cups each of frozen peaches and blueberries thawed with lemon juice sprinkled over with two recipes of gluten free pancake mix with vanilla and cinnamon added, baked at 350 for maybe half an hour. There was no added sugar or anything and still they ate almost an entire lasagna pan of the stuff. Amazing! THIS delicate flower (below) is Bree. She was pretty into in, it looks like she literally dove into it. haha!

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McCoyFamily said...

I love that Bree really gets in to her her food!!! She is so adorable!!!