Monday, March 14, 2011


Did y'all hear that President Obama is really hitting the education thing really hard. I would love to have it be true that every American child could walk into their classroom with confidence next year. I'm not sure that continually demonizing an program put in place by the previous administration is necessarily the place to start, but I like the idea of ending up where American schools are the best in the world.

Which they aren't, by the way, and for no good reason.

So, as I was listening to the little blurb on NPR on my way up to 'work' today, I thought, "hm, that's a fantastic idea."

Yay for publicizing inner-city schools and shaking some hands with underprivileged kids. But, howabout starting with, oh I don't know, schools that, oh...say...are run by the government already?

Yes, we are back to the same old thing. I actually did have someone carry the horse corpse away and now it's just a couple of saw horses and a sheet of plywood, but I'll beat it anyway. There are lots of big social moral reasons why the schools that serve the children of military service members should be the ones setting the standard toward other schools strive. It should not be true that some small town principal in a place where the only restaurants in town are the ones attached to gas stations has to put DoD transfer students into remediation for a year because they are so behind the other kids in that school.

That's gross and shameful.

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