Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's!

I'm afraid we didn't do very much for St. Patrick's Day this year! Apprently leprechauns (Carly's been calling them parrots all week...) break in and mess stuff up? And then you have to eat corned beef and cabbage stew? I'm still confused (and running around like a headless chicken) so we sort of dialed it in today. But! Carly's class had their St. Patrick's Day party this afternoon and I had been scheduled to help out. We brought a rainbow fruit salad and rainbow veggie snacks and I got to stay and hang out. I love her classroom - it's so vibrant and active! After the snack and birthday cake for one student, we had a little mini dance party and let the kiddos have an extra playtime outside. They made a pyramid out of rocks! So cool!
Then we picked up Bree at friend school and because it was a ridiculously beautiful day, we went to the park where the rest of our neighborhood happened to be as well. You will notice that Bree changed her clothes - let me just tell you that happened the second we got home. My girl knows what she wants! Haha, then Stella saying what's up to the twins and a pic of some of the millions of kids out at the park. It was so fun to finally see our friends! The playground looked like an antill with all the small people running around - yay sunshine!

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