Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Catching Up!

I love and adore this quilt with all my heart. My Aunt Dottie gave it to Bree and we used it all the time for her! This is our sweet friend Baby Kenzie who comes to visit us two mornings a week. Bree and Kenzie adore one another!
A little painting while I cooked dinner...they each made about six beautiful pieces of art, and then Bree dropped on of hers face down on the floor. =)
While I was cleaning up I had two little turkeys peeking over the edge of the bar...I love the layout of this house because the kitchen is right in the middle and I can see everything while I'm in there working.
I should apologize because all my photos are blurry, like ALL the time. Sorry! Bree enjoyed a little snack at Starbucks this morning while we were waiting for the shoe place to open up. Let's just take a moment for me to be really excited for her to choose this bazillion-dollar snack pack over a bagel or something else with nothing but carbs and sugar. Haha. =) Anyway, I ended up finding a great pair of shoes at this totally random place, for the ball on Saturday - yay! - and it was a sweet little bit hanging out with my girl.
We were supposed to meet Miss Steph at this park but traffic was INSANE so we missed her. And since it took 45 minutes to even get here, we only played for a little bit...but...the chickies were so excited! I don't know why Bree's behind looks weird...she was dry and clean...weird.

DEER!!! I love, love, love it here. It is so, so, so beautiful! We came across a family of six or seven deer on our way home! I'll have to walk back over there and get some photos of the woods...I had been despairing that all the fall colors would be gone, but the truth is they've just changed into a mellow, richly varied assortment of colors all mixed up. I sort of love it. Can't wait to see our photos from this coming Friday!!!

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McCoyFamily said...

I had to do a double take I thought that was a picture of Bree and Carly...Bree is getting so big!! We miss you guys please move back before Bree is in College:)