Monday, November 01, 2010

Beautiful Day!

Paul was up early to run the Marine Corps 10K and the girls and I went and spent three hours playing at the Marine Corps Museum park - it's a great park! Two separate times in the last couple of days people have mentioned Bree's good gross motor's a much nicer thing to say than "She's a total monkey" =)
This slidey hangy bar thing is the most popular part of the park! Carly has figured out how to go all the way across all by herself. Also - her tights are getting too small but they just make me so happy.

She's fearless!
Oh Bree. She loves sparkles and was really excited to show me her hands...luckily I was able to get most of this mess back in the jar. Lesson learned! The glitter is now on a shelf not three feet above the ground, but seven. Let's hope THAT will keep her out.

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