Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Perfect Timing!

I had a DAY, y'all!

So when we were (finally) nearing the end of it, my kids were so kind as to give me the most hilarious five minute show. It was definitely a moment of grace.

Carly: Bree, knock, knock.


Carly: Bree! Knock, knock!


Carly: BREE!!!! Knock. KNOCK.
Bree: Mommy who?

Carly: Nooooo...you say "Who's there?"
Bree: Carly's there!

Carly: NO! *sigh* Bree. I say knock knock, YOU say "who's there."
Bree: Knock knock!

Carly: *takes a deep breath and shakes her head* Okay. Bree. Knock....knock.
Bree: Who's there?
Bree: Bee job who?

Carly: NO! Not that! I was saying...nevermind. Knock, knock.
Bree: Who's there! Whooooooo's THERE!
Carly: The erupting (= interrupting) cow.
Bree: MOO!

Carly: It doesn't work that way, Bree. Can we start over? Okay, knock, knock.
Bree: Who's there? I did it!
Carly: Focus Bree. The erupting cow.
Bree: Da berupper cow WHO?
Carly: M...oh man I missed it. *big sigh*

Carly: Knock, knock!
Bree: Who's there!
Carly: The erupting cow!
Bree: Da brrupper co-
Carly: *triumphant and relieved* MOOOOOOOOO!

It was so awesome. They couldn't figure out why I was doing the silent-laugh-until-you-cry in the front seat while all that was going on. =)

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Our Family of Four said...

Poor exasperated Carly! Must admit... I don't get the joke.