Monday, October 18, 2010

My Favorite Part of the Day... happening right now.

Bree sings and talks to herself in her room, then she starts calling for Carly.

Carly comes out of her room, waves to me, asks if she can get Bree and then I hear:

*lots of happy squealing*

Then they come out, wave to me and go barreling into my room to wake Paul up. =)
During all of this, Bree has asked me about fifteen times if she can watch a show (no) and both girls have reported that their beds are made.

Love! Luckily I was home from the gym at 6:15 so breakfast is ready, my coffee is almost gone and lunch is made. Otherwise, I would NOT be telling you about this cuteness, I would be running around like a crazy lady trying to get the house in order. =)

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Kalyn said...

My favorite time of the day is right now- it's pouring rain outside. It's chilly but not too cold, and my hubby is home. :) SHould I say that Paisley is at school away from me and make it sound better? Well, I can't, b/c then I'd be lying. I miss that kid when she's not here!! :)