Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten!

This afternoon's project...a stepping stone! Carly loves that it has glitter and beautiful jewels and stones. I love that it has her little handprint...sniff...

I realized after I took all these photos that Carly's address is on the front of this bear...which I figured I should at least go to the effort of editing out. =) SO, Carly's first day of school was TODAY! It's unbelievable and so exciting.

Miss Mandy/Mrs. Geiger and Christopher (aka Kirstikers) and Stella came to walk Carly to the bus this morning. You can tell by this photo that Carly just did NOT want to go. I mean, I practically had to DRAG her out the door. =)

Love! Thanks to Auntie Anna and Uncle Paul for the perfect First Day of School dress!

Carly saw her friend Joseph and they decided to run around the slow people. I love that he is totally airborne in this photo.

Hanging out talking about backpacks.

Oh Carly. Surrounded by adoring men, as usual. =)
She actually thought the boy in green was one of her friends from Baton Rouge...that has happened pretty frequently in the last couple of days. She has hugged a LOT of random kids and what is so sweet is that all but two of them have hugged her back and responded with equal enthusiasm to her "HIIIII!!!!!!" The one girl was like, "Um, WHO are you?" and another little guy started crying. Poor little fella, he just wasn't prepared for that level of affection from a totally new friend.

Bree wanted to get in on the photo action, too! And for those of you who didn't believe me a few weeks ago when I mentioned the thing about the people in my neighborhood, I present Exhibit A (upper left hand corner). If you have no idea what I'm talking about, don't worry about it.

Here comes the BUS! This was the point when Auntie K and I got all teary-eyed. And Carly, for the record, never looked back. She was READY.
Bree and Christopher tried to crash the bus party. That was so cute. Poor Kirstikers was really sad, but Bree just waved at the bus saying "BYE CAH-GEE" about fifty times.

Christopher didn't feel like walking home, so Bree went to go fetch him. He was a little happier about walking with her than walking alone. Sweet friends!!!

Paul asked me to take a video of Carly getting on the bus since he had to be in class at 8am. Please notice that my little independent girl didn't even LOOK at me until I yelled for her. You can follow her bouncing bow to see her putting on her seatbelt like a good girl. =)


Erin said...

Oh my gosh, I love this post!! Even I teared up at the video--what a special day!

The Warren Family said...

Wow kindergarten already?? Did you cry? I felt like balling my eyes out for you lol

And how cute is Bree holding hands with that little boy!!!

Our Family of Four said...

So cute Liz! Was Carly the only girl with a pretty bow in her hair? Will I start doing that for Maggie everyday in a year or so? If so I may need advice on where to get ribbon and how to tie them so they won't fall out!

And Bree... how did she get so big!

Nadee said...

Great work on the stepping stone! Love the girls :-)