Monday, March 08, 2010


**THIS JUST IN** Bree is obsessed with the potty. She wants to do anything Carly does, and since Carly goes to the potty during the whole bathtime-teeth-brushing-pajamas-stories chaos, Bree decided that she was going to go to the "pobby," too. It was so adorable. She clapped and laughed for herself for sitting up there on the big potty, which made her toot. She was all, WHOA and looked down to find it. Then she looked at us...her eyes were huge. I almost fell over laughing. Which made her laugh...toot...laugh again, that great big belly laugh. By this time Carly was helpless, laughing so hard she had to sit down. Bree got up and down off the potty to repeat that little performance a few times. So awesome. We are NOT planning to do anything with "p.t." but this is promising for when the time does come.

Carly told me that Shephard kissed her today. And Strader is going to build her a castle on a hill, with unicorns. And Cole gave her a flower. She said, "Oh, all the boys just love me so most."

She's still got a little cough but it resolves after she takes her inhaler, so I'm going to watch it for a couple of days, and make sure it doesn't get worse.

Sad, this morning Carly asked me about her teacher next year. She wanted to know if Miss Pam and Miss Melanie could come too and then she immediately said that was silly because they don't have a place to sleep in "Vreeginia." And then she started crying and said she would miss them so much. It broke my heart - so we had to talk about how it's nice to move different places and get to meet new friends for us to love so much. It's one thing to be sad myself, but as a mother the last thing you want is to see your kiddo hurting, and it makes it much harder. She'll be okay, happy is my little sunshine's natural state, but we just have to keep reminding her that just because we don't see our friends every day doesn't mean they stop being our friends.

Bree now says "YEAH pweesh" when we ask her if she wants something. It's so stinking cute.

She also knows her routine at night, after she makes a complete mess of herself at dinner and she sees that I'm coming to clean her up, she says "Oh gah whoa may" (oh my gosh! What a mess!) and then "BAH!" (bath) and then she kicks her feet and laughs all the way to the bathroom. That step is responsible for the splatters along my hallway walls. =) Then after the bath she says, "Booh-KAH" (book) over and over until we read. Then she asks for her "bay-bee" (blanket) and she goes down.


Steph said...

okay - so that Bree story is just way too cute!!! little kids giggling at themselves is awesome...always makes everyone else laugh too! i love laughter!!! :)

so, tucker and i went on a super long walk again yesterday and i decided to change our we walked behind the elementary school that Carly could go to if you live in my neighborhood...HOLY AWESOME play structures!!! there are lots of little parks in my neighborhood...but these up at the school are awesome. i might even take my camera on our next walk (thursday) and send them to you just so you can show Carly...hopefully to help her with some excitement for a new school!!! :)

Kalyn said...

Tell Bree that I toot on the potty if I laugh too. :)

Is that TMI?