Thursday, March 11, 2010

Adventures in Fischerland =)

Tuesday we went to the museum and played with a few of our friends. Bree always has a good time exploring.

We went outside for a little lunch...Bree was too interested in running around to eat much of her lunch. I think she had one graham cracker...

Wednesday morning! She's been wearing her "hattie" pretty much all the time and she spends most early mornings up on the counter, out of the dishwasher, out of the recycling and out of Carly's way. It makes for a much more peaceful morning. =)

"Enjoying" some milk. What she wanted was juice.

While Carly helped me make French toast...she wore her coat all day long and she was so confused about why she was all sweaty in the afternoon. Carly has a productive cough but I don't know what to listen for with all this asthma stuff so we went in to see the doctor an she explained it. Carly is just fine, she just has a cold. Jumping around on Saturday didn't have anything to do with anything other than the little moment Saturday night...thank goodness because I have no plans to limit Carly's activity and make her a bubble kid. =)

While I supervised Carly cracking the eggs and pouring the milk, Bree did this.

This morning! We should be at the gym right now and then heading off to a birthday party, but I have a sneezy girl so neither of those plans are going forward. She's driving Mr. Beeps around the house and here he's getting a little hug because he fell out of the go-go. Sweet girl!

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McCoyFamily said...

Your girls are so beautiful!!! I love the one where Bree is on the counter so cute!!!