Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stinking it Up

I put up four posts today, including this one! Yay =)
Okay, and y'all. Normally doing stuff like this is a breeze and I'm glad that I was gifted with a sense of humor....and also that when I get stuff wrong I do it in such a spectacular way. It's never just sort of wrong, or a almost right, it's either great or a complete disaster. Yesterday and this morning were all about the c.d. Haha
If you live in my neighborhood and it is your birthday, THIS is what you were supposed to see instead of regular old cream cheese icing and carrot cupcakes. But I just could NOT figure it out. I'm so sorry...the funny sheep birthday card doesn't make a lot of sense w/o the cupcakes...but it's still dorky enough to be fun. Anyway - aren't these cupcakes the most hilarious thing you have ever seen? Oh my word! I love them!....I cannot make them, but I love them! =)

Oh yeah! Okay and last night I decided that I would try and MAKE the big marshmallows that make up the sheep's bodies. It was not a success! Haha...such a catstrophe. It was fun to try and I'll have to do it again, but next time I'll use a candy thermometer so I don't end up overcooking the sugar. When I added my too-hot sugar mixture to the water and gelatin in the mixer, all the sugar immediately crystalized into hard candy globs that I had to keep picking out of the marshmallow-y goop...which meant that at the end of everything I had WAY more gelatin than I needed for whatever sugar was left, the result of which was a marshmallow-like substance...except it bounces. It's so weird! And it took a whole night of soaking to clean that bowl. =)

The upside to all of this is that I found a super awesome website for kids' crafts. It's called Looledo and I'm officially a BIG GIANT fan of it. =)

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