Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Carly at Tennis!

Seriously. How awesome is this kid? She was tired of her tiara so she made another one. Which she wears to tennis. Sideways.

We always stop and watch the bigger kids practicing at the other end of the complex. Carly really wants to learn how to bounce the ball with her raquet like they do.


Carly loves Miss Katherine. She follows her around like a little duck. =)

Our little left-hander getting some tips from Miss Carly. My Carly thinks it is THE coolest that her teacher has the same name.

Ready position!

Such a cute little helper

After working with Miss Carly on forehand and backhand, she worked with Miss Katherine.

Playing a game...being kind of confused about what she's supposed to do. We have one more lesson in this session the week after spring break. We're going to go ahead and sign her up for the next session because she seems to love it so much!

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