Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunny Sunday

I couldn't choose between these first two photos - I love them both for a lots of different reasons. They need to be BIGGER, though! If anyone knows how to do that, please let me know.
After the girls got dressed they helped me make breakfast...we had eggs with bacon and spinach. Yummy! Carly's outfit made me happy all morning long. =)

Who needs cheddar when you have cheese like this???

She's getting a trim this week, I promise. The wt hair in the face is driving me bonkers. I feel like all she needs is a grape-soda stained onesie and a soaking wet diaper to complete the look.

My sweet big girl. She needs nothing to complete this look, it's perfect. =)

A little child labor. I don't know who this poor baby's mother is who would let her child out of the house with hair that messy, but someone should really talk to her about that. =)

In the afternoon, Carly and I went to find her some new shoes (parents of very young children, take note: when your child develops an opinion about footwear, get their size from the print-off thing and do not take them with you shopping unless you want to get winter-ready pink shiny fully-insulated tennis shoes when what she needs are white leather Keds.), then we went to Christopher and Jacob's super awesome totally amazing SNOW DAY birthday party! Everything was decorated with snowflakes and snowmen, there were snowmen marshmallow snacks, a snowglobe craft and there was even a snow field. Carly said to me on the way out, "Mom, that was GREAT!" Here she is standing still so Brookston can throw a snowball at her. Sweet girl!

David, 7, is Christopher and Jacob's big brother. He played snowfight really with Carly...see them both getting ready?

Great follow through, David! Carly got out of the way of that one, but David got her pretty well a couple of times.

She's wondering where he went. I love this - it looks like (and was) "what? You had enough?"

My child. She was the first at the table. As everyone else sat down she would say without much alteration "Okay, that juice has high fructose corn syrup. We're at a birthday party, so it's okay, but just so you know." She only drank about half of it and then told me the "high furcted syrup" was hurting her stomach. I told her that it doesn't really work that way (like I always say) and she told me that yeah, I was right. She didn't have a tummy ache, she just wanted to play.

Awesomest jewelry ever. BIG sparkly ring with LIP GLOSS inside!!! Carly went around blessing as many people as would stand still with her aestheticianical skills.

I have no idea. =)


Michelle said...

Did I already tell you I'm so happy you have your camera back....adorable pics! And I love the descriptions that go along!

Steph said...

I probably tell you this on every post...but you have two REALLY stinkin' CUTE little girls!!! :)