Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oh, Happy Day

This first photo is probably one of the funniest ones I've taken. Bree has been having big-time teething drama. She was up for an hour last night crying and was just miserable the whole time we were at the Farmer's Market (but I did get those chickens!) and we missed a birthday party. She woke up non-fevery and more like her normal sunny self after her nap so we played at the museum for a while but she was generally unhappy all day. Poor baby...and poor parents! Her whining is at rock-concert decibel level and it is hard to take after twelve hours. In this photo she's wearing an outfit out of the enormous bag of hand-me-downs I just pulled out of the attic...we are GOOD on clothes for her until the fall, I guess it's a good thing I spent so much of 2007 participating in retail therapy. =)

At the museum...Paul and I traded off girls. Carly and I explored the mummy room, went searching for a globe we never did find, and read books in the gift shop. When I was with Bree she fell down the play structure stairs (she's fine, I'm recovered from my panic attack) and tried to steal safari hats from the kids attending one of the four birthday parties going on today.

Carly and I made the Tim Burton style princess face below and Bree played in the Mardi Gras beads. She was having a great time - I just happened to catch her as she was trying to get out.

Okay and for these things. I've been working on them for two days! They're extra good and I would love to share the recipe...

but overnight our computer updated and shut down automatically...I lost the website. Which doesn't matter that much anyway because everything was in grams and I spent most of yesterday afternoon dividing things by 28.34592 or whatever it takes to get ounces. And I was also a giant hypocrite (fortunately this was the only time for that this weekend! haha) and made lots of switches. Instead of figs, I used carrots and apples. Instead of adding sugar to the fruit, I cooked it in apple juice and water. I subbed out half the flour for whole wheat flour and halved the sugar for the dough. I ran into a problem when I realized that I only had half as much butter as I needed, so I thought hey! I have coconut oil and that is solid at room temperature! But...ya''s HARD at room temperature and absolutely impossible to roll out after being chilled. That's why the crumble topping that Carly is refusing to eat. Good thing Bree isn't so picky. These are SUPER...and if I ever figure out a workable recipe I promise I'll share it.


Kim said...

Missed ya today! Glad you got your chickens and fam time at the museum! LOVE that bead pic!

Maria said...

I love that Carly and Paul have the same look in the first pic!