Saturday, February 13, 2010


We do like to check in every day even if it is just to tell you that:

1) My CAMERA is still not working and we'll probably have to take it in to get fixed.

2) Carly tried to sneak in my bed last night and I didn't even notice until an hour and a half after she was in there wiggling around and pulling on my arms. She was seriously unhappy when she got plunked back into her own bed, but she survived and is only a little grumpy because she lost her shoes for trying to gate crash Mommy's bed.

3) I'm very itchy. I think it's an allergy to flour, honestly, because I went so long without any and then ate a lot (darn those cookies!), and now I'm covered in hives. It's kind of gross and you probably didn't need to know about it, but the itchy is running my life right now. I thought at first maybe it was our fabric softener but I've used that before and the itchy is all over my face and ears. It's only red on my torso and arms but it makes me look like I just never moisturize.

4) I need to go. Bree has gotten her yogurt from breakfast and is very happily eating it in the middle of the hallway. She's sort of adorable and I'd love to take a PICTURE for you.

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Amanda said...

Do you have other symptoms besides the itch? I would just check into celiac too. My SIL has that and it is an immune disorder not an allergy and more serious. You can get it at any time in life it's triggered by stress usually, but it does involve way more than itchiness.