Friday, January 22, 2010

Our Day

We left the house early to drop off cupcakes to some friends and then dropped Carly at school. Bree and I hosted a toy swap for a few moms and she got to hang out with a few friends. Unfortunately I did not get very many photos of our friends...but this one makes me laugh. Bree and Brooklyn are just checking eachother out...I love the look of deep suspicion on Brooklyn's face. =)

Um yes, that is my daughter standing in the street. It's her favorite place to be, other than high up off the ground tightrope walking on the edges of the furniture.

After her attempt at hitchiking to Las Vegas to become a showgirl didn't work, she decided that she would catch a ride with Miss Christine and Noah and Brooklyn. She kept saying "Gogo! Gogo!" So you know this one is definitely my child - always wanting to go go go! Somewhere, anywhere...and Whole Foods makes her laugh with joy. So yeah, she's mine.

After school we HAD to go to the park. It was 72 and sunny. Absolutely beautiful. We were there for two awesome hours.

We have a new rule that states that eating must be done in a seated position. Carly was so hungry but didn't want to stop playing, so she'd run over, perch half an inch of her behind on the bench, take a few bites and then run off again.

Grady and Baby Reece talked their mom into coming to the park. My girls loved the baby!

Trying on one of Carly's rings. Who else is impressed that the flower clip made it the whole time we were there?

And then, after yet another trip to Whole Foods for more veggies and meat, we had our dinner and Carly got star fruit for berserk.

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Steph said...

yep - you have two CUTE kiddos!!! :)