Friday, December 11, 2009

How To Draw a Princess, By Carly

First you hafta make her eyes and they are (blinking) like THIS with the lines that shows the these (pointing to eyelashes) just like this. Then a smile because she's a princess. Then you make the big curly hair and there are two here and two here. Like this, see?
Then you make the line that is the throat and then a triangle that is the dress. But make the swirls on the bottom so it will stick out if you turn around really fast like this (twirling). And then these they are leg sweaters and stripey because it is cold and then you hafta draw her shoes. And then you have to make the clavicle. You see it? It's there. And that is apportant acuase it holds her shoulders up.

The little one is Bree. She only has one curl over here and one over there because she is a baby.

And this is for my lil' bitty friend JoJo accause her ears hurted her. She gets lots of curls over here and over here to make her feel better. Pretty hair makes you feel better (Wouldn't you agree?). And see that smile. That is accause her ears stopded hurting and I think that is accause somebody gave her ice cream or cookies. Maybe cookies, yes I think she is all better because she had cookies. (Carly is working on getting her letters to face the right way and go in the right order...they don't always cooperate but we think she's doing pretty well in trying to get the letters doing the right thing.)


Mommy said...

I'm VERY impressed! Cute!!

Amy D. said...

This is AWESOME! Can't wait to see what Beeda says about her awesome letters!!! I know she will say Carly is a BRILLIANT GENIUS.

Kalyn said...

ok- that is the cutest princess ever!!!!!

McCoyFamily said...

Carly is an awesome artist!!!

Steph said...

you can tell that she hangs around you - she is already creative and artsy. i will have the kid that can barely draw a circle!! HA!! :)