Wednesday, December 09, 2009

...And Cooking Fixes Everything

I put it up on my Facebook because I'm so proud of her, but Carly made dinner tonight pretty much all by herself and when we were sitting down to eat I asked her how big her mad is and she told me it disbappeared. That's pretty good news.

Bree and I went to read at her school and the kids spent most of the time laughing at Bree who was running around the circle like a crazy person. It was supposed to be the peaceful time after lunch but I'm not sure how much of a calming influence we really were. The kids were definitely entertained though!

Anyway, when it was time to get Carly, Miss Marguerite was a little annoyed and it was because Carly had been having trouble with her listening...again...and on the way home, when Carly realized that I knew things were off at school, she "had trouble with her listening" but zero trouble with her screaming-and-kicking-and-calling-Mommy-mean. Poor baby. She had a good nap and then the combination of 45 minutes of uninterrupted Mommy-time and a really yummy dinner that she made all by herself fixed her right up.

I hope it sticks! =)

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Steph said...

geez - I'm totally impressed with Carly's cooking skills...and your mommy skills for teaching her!!! :) You Fischer people rock!! :)