Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Here We Go!

I'm super excited that Bree has started talking. She's been getting a couple of words a week, which I guess is about right for her age. She has outside and, shoe comes out "dew" and she's normally holding one or three and waving her feet at me, so that's easy to get. Outside is more uh-huh and I'm pretty sure no one else would understand that one.

What I did LOVE though was yesterday when we were watching Gregory, I said his name to Bree a couple of times and she said, "Gweh-GOO." I just now asked her where Carly is (we're about to leave to go pick her up) and Bree wandered off to look for her. She was saying LaLa in the spring and summer referring to Carly, so maybe that will come back? I don't know. Right now I'm just loving these words.

It's funny that she never did actually learn any of those signs I tried to teach her, until just a few weeks ago when she could actually SAY "more please." THEN she'll do the hand signal with it. Oh well! Our ped suggested teaching signs to help ease Bree's frustration, but when she gets mad it's not because we don't understand her - it is usually because she can't get shoes on, or off, or because Carly has shut the door to the playroom. When we tell Bree no or fuss at her for something she knows she's not supposed to do, she makes the most pathetic sad face and starts sniffing. She's always had a masterful sad face, but now she knows just when to pull it out. =)

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