Thursday, November 19, 2009


Bree and I spent our entire day shopping. It was pretty great. I had forgotten how fun it is to shop with a very small person who stays in a stroller the whole time and whose only requirements are a steady supply of Goldfish and water and uninterrupted access to my cell phone.

It's not that shopping with Carly isn't fun, it totally is, but sometimes I have to think, and I cannot think when I'm answering questions that are fired at me so quickly that she's onto the next one before I've finished answering the one before. It's almost like a personal challenge of hers to see how long she can keep me talking about stuff like whether or not unicorns are invited to monsters' birthday parties. As of today the answer to that burning question is no. Monsters are too messy and all unicorns are concerned with staying clean. This has something to do with the fact that zombies eat brains of strangers, but I'm a little iffy on that exact connection.

What had I been talking about? Oh right, shopping. Sorry!

I'm SO excited about Carly's bike. Hers is a 16-inch so it has more normal proportions than this 12-inch but the colors are the same I and I was personally pretty thrilled that a) it was on sale and b) there are no licensed characters or references to kissing, crushing, or flirting.

We also used our time at Toys R Us to pick up Bree's Cozy Coupe and her stocking stuffers and I was reminded of another benefit of shopping with babies...they forget nice to just pick what I wanted for her and put it in the cart. Bree was too distracted by her belly button to even notice. Sweet!

We have just a few more people on the list, and I'm so excited about all of the treasures we've found so far. This is my favorite time of the year for so, so many reasons and when I find the perfect thing for someone, it just makes my day.

Bree and I are hoping to continue our winning streak tomorrow while we're on a roll. I'm never quite sure who is reading this so I can't give anything else away. I just hope that everyone loves this stuff as much as we're loving finding it.


Morgan said...

Schwinn! Always the way to go. My Poppy owned a Schwinn Cyclery Shop. I can't wait until we buy bikes in January!
She's going to LOOOOOOVE it.

Steph said...

ooohhh - i love this time of year too. reading this makes me want to go shopping right now (and that is huge for me, because i can't stand shopping) and find all the greatest gifts for my people!!! :) i think finding the perfect gift is way better than getting the perfect gift...watching people open something so awesome that you got them...just priceless!!! YAY for Christmas!!! :)

Our Family of Four said...

WHOA that is some sparkly bike!!! Maggie would LOVE it. But she got a hand me down from a neighbor who moved this summer so no fancy new bike for her. Yeah don't feel too bad for her she is already waaaay spoiled and will be even more so come christmas time!