Monday, November 30, 2009

Decos and Chicks

We're keeping it low-key around here...which simply means I'm not (technically) buying more holiday decorating stuff. So, that being said, I can neither confirm nor deny that those sparkly red candles and perhaps this sign and maybe a couple of tree-shaped votive holders were on super sale at Kohl's this morning and are now in our home.

Carly dressed herself on Sunday. I love it. And for her hair, let me see if I can remember exactly what she asked for..."two ponies and they are up, up, up and then twisty like doorknobs but they don't open acause that would hurt and all the hair in the back it is in clips so it's not messy and fallin' down." I interpreted her request to mean two little buns...and I was happy we figured it out. She was trying to open stickers with baby scissors - sweet girl sat there working at it for five minutes before asking for help.

My sweet little baby. I was trying to get a photo of her ponies while they were still in and she was just like this.

And in this photo, she looks SO much like Carly! You like my polka dot pants? I stole them from Paul. =)


Anna said...

She does look like Carly in that last picture! And I always enjoy your descriptions of what Carly says. :) You have beautiful girls!

McCoyFamily said...

I love Carly's style!!! Such a little Diva:)