Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What can I say?

We didn't have anymore fresh green stuff for our dinner, and I had bought an entire flat of green beans in cans way back when we thought we were going to be stranded on our roof during the hurricane. This case has twelve cans of cut green beans, so I guess I was planning on being stranded for a couple of months...

Anyway, I figured we should use them since they're there, even though I had a traumatic experience with gray corn as a child and had never planned to put canned veggies on the table on purpose. But waste is worse...or so I thought.

This is getting too long, and it's probably boring, but I added caramelized onions because I love them and because I thought maybe the beans would be better with something interesting and sort of fresh mixed in. For grownup people, it's actually not too bad. But I didn't give Carly any onions and she just looked at the five sad, pathetic little beans on her plate and asked me what they were. I told her "they're green beans, silly!"

She just looked back and forth from her plate to me for a while and then she said, "But they're not green, Mommy. They're...I don't know what they are. But not green."


Grammy said...

Poor, tortured Livvie.

Brandi said...

am i the only one who loves canned green beans? i craved them when i was pregnant with Ryan. i would eat them now except i forget to steam them ahead of time and because of the GD have to eat all my food at once.