Saturday, March 07, 2009

We're Okay!

I just forgot my camera at Kerry's birthday party last weekend and Courtney and I haven't been able to connect since.

Last night we kid-sat for three new friends and everyone did awesome! The girls all three played so well together and the one poor little guy in the mix held his own. He's two and when the girls wanted him to be the baby, he said, "No, I BIG" and showed us his muscle arms and ran away. I do wish I'd had my camera for some of the twirling princess action, but maybe next time!

And Bree's shoes came in, so everyone can relax about her being barefoot all the time. She kicks off all of the shoes that Carly passed down to her, but I'm hoping the Robeez will stay put. They're adorable, little pink and white Mary Janes. Love them!

That's about it - we're going to LSU gymnastics tonight...excuse me..."Ella Sue CHER-nastics" with Daddy after he brings home his brand new shiny bike. Because his legs and arms are about seventeen feet long, they had to order special aero bars (for when he rides leaning far forward) and something new with the seat, maybe to make it go higher or further back...I don't know. He's taking his first ride with it tomorrow and I'm really excited for him.

We'll be back with photos as soon as I get my camera! I did try to pick it up today, but got hopelessly lost. I can't wait for my TomTom to work again!!!

Happy Weekend!

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