Monday, March 30, 2009

Signs of Life!

You'll probably remember from last summer, when my parents were in town to meet Bree, they gave us several trees and plants to help make our house look pretty. I was especially worried about this ash tree in the backyard - it got thrashed by Gustav, but it's still alive! Yay!
Our banana plant is still going strong, too, sharing its home with a new neighbor, some elephant ears! Now, we'll see about those elephant ears, because I planted them without my parents around to put the magic plant juju or whatever it is that they have (and I don't), to make plants live and look pretty...cross your fingers!
This is the satsuma tree right outside our front door (also from Grammy and Poppy). It's in bloom and it smells soooo pretty! Paul would like me to take a moment and mention that the holes for these plants and trees were dug by him. In the middle of August. =)

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Steph said...

you rock with your green thumb!!! :)