Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More Mardi Gras!

We've had our share of king cakes this season and by far...by FAR, this one is the best. It's AMAZING. And almost gone! Haha! Yum. Paul has to take it to work tomorrow (if there's any left!!!).
SWEET girl! She brought me this bow because it's the Mardi Gras colors like in her Jenny Giraffe book. It was chilly in the morning, but it turned out to be the most beautiful day!

Bree didn't sleep at ALL, poor sleepy little baby. It's also quite obvious that she inherited the lovely Bonnin eyebrows.
As tends to happen to us, we got adopted by a sweet family. This lady is Carly's adopted Nana. Her family and her sister's family helped Carly the whole time we were out there - one of them even bought Carly a cotton candy. So sweet! Carly said she had the same hair as her MomMom, and then asked her to "show me your eyes" just so she could be sure. Then Carly said, "Silly! My MomMom is in Philadelphia!"
The coolest
Saying, "Please may I have some beads?"
What you get when you use super manners when everyone else is demanding!
Oh YEAH! I totally forgot about these guys! They ended up getting a citation for disturbing the peace b/c they were yelling over a PA about how everyone in attendance was going to hell for our "drunkenness and revelry." It was SO crazy! After the big scary sheriff went over there and told them to shut up, they just stood around glaring at everyone and pointing to their signs.
Right before we left, Carly got bored and started putting stuff on this guy's shoes and then looking up to see if he noticed. He never did.
We had a fun time in New Roads! The traffic wasn't nearly as bad as I feared and it really was family-friendly (except for the crazies with the signs). Maybe next year I can talk someone, ANYONE, into coming with us!


Morgan said...

Oh wow, those are precious! Looks like a great time. Was that Rev Phelps and his gang? They really make me feel sadness in the depths of my soul.

ADB said...

how fun! wish i lived closer...i so would have been there!!