Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Beautiful Day!

We went to the Bluebonnet Swamp first thing this morning. The weather was great and Carly spent most of the two hours we were there, doing pirouettes all over the trails and chasing lizards.
She looks SO big!
Then we went to lunch at CPK with some friends. It's Kerry's first birthday today!!!
My girlies. I love photos of them together. =)
The HAIR is killing me. I love it! And thanks for the t-shirt bib ideas...they work great!
Silly bean
Hahaha LOOK at her face! She was way excited when this giant sundae arrived. It's maybe a dollar and it is the size of her head.
Making a wish!
While Miss Courtney checked out Sur le Table (ahhhhmazing kitchen store!), the kiddos and I hung out on a grassy park right across the way. Sweet Bree loves the soft grass - she scooched all the way off the blanket just to get a handful of it.
Going after the juice, she missed and started chomping on the diaper bag then got mad and started yelling when no juice came out...can you see her little hand squeezing the bag? So funny!
Much better! Thanks, Mommy!
Girlfriends both making funny faces in the sunshine.
And yes, the obligatory footwear drama
It actually looks like it probably hurts a lot! I'm going to have to bring some extra pairs of shoes to the zoo with us tomorrow just in case this happens again!
Poor little Bree was so tired and fussy at the park! She fell asleep about half a block into our trip back to the car!


McCoyFamily said...

I love that Carly loves wearing her Tiara that's fantastic:) Bree is getting so big, she is adorable!!!

Mary Beth said...

Thank God for great days like this! Sorry about the blister - I hate those.

Mary Beth said...

Thank God for a beautiful day! So sorry there was a blister involved.

Our Family of Four said...

That same dress from Old Navy just came in the mail for Maggie today... looks cute on Carly so I'm sure Maggie will love it too!