Monday, February 02, 2009

Literary Leaps and Bounds

BRAG WARNING: don't be annoyed!
Carly wrote her name - with help - on Daddy's presents, but tonight she did it all by herself while I was feeding Bree. We're both really proud of her.
*sniff* You cannot imagine how much I wish this had been written on something I could frame.
One of our new favorite books has a wheel thing in the back that you can use to change this little girl's expression.
And this, appropriately, is the very first word that Carly sounded out and READ OUT LOUD all by herself. It does help that the girl is making a big grin and we do this book every night...still...I'm counting it. =)


FosterFamily4 said...

WAY TO GO, Carly!!!! That's SOOO awesome. I'm so proud of you!! McKayla made her own V-Day cards today and addressed them all by HERSELF. I was beyond thrilled and I was planning on posting the pics. I don't think your bragging, silly. You're just a very proud you should be!!!

Kalyn said...

YAY!!!! CARLY!!!!!!! Such a big girl!!!!

We have that book too!!! Isn't it just the best??? :)