Friday, January 30, 2009

Port Hudson

We went to see the old battlefied...the last Confederate port to be taken in the Civil War. It was a chilly morning, but sunny with no wind, so it was a great day to walk around the trails around the battlefield and let the kiddos play. Bree LOVES being outside, even when she's super tired.
Carly made a new friend named Carson. I should warn you now, there are a LOT of photos in this post, but they aren't even a third of the cute shots I got, so...sorry!
The "castle" is intended for birdwatching and for looking over the entire camp and battlesground. The old earthworks are still visible - it's really interesting.
Through it all...THIS is how Carly seemed to feel today:

And this is how she looked. Sort of like Kenny from South Park because she wanted to wear her hat backward.
Bree, meet Nature.
We were supposed to meet Lucy (and Courtney and Kerry) but we were at different places. But they found us! The girls were yelling eachother's names from the time Lucy got out of the car at the trailhead. It was so cute...I've missed seeing Carly run to say hi to her friends.

A couple hundred years ago, this was the site of a big battle. And now our kids are running on it, and rolling down the hills...
Baby friends
How much do I LOVE this one! The light, the cute.
We interrupt this post to break your heart. (Do you see the tear?)
How about now? Carly got a splinter in the museum, and the curator could only find a pair of tweezers from the Civil War. Literally. She was very upset about having the splinter removed, and I had lots and lots of sympathy for her but Miss Stacy made it all better with a Batman bandaid.
Then to lunch with Lucy and her mama. Sweet girl.

After lunch we went directly to Carly's school for parent/teacher conferences. I heard all about her busy days and made a few plans for the rest of the year while Carly and Bree hung out on the playground with a borrowed sitter because our original one has a sick kid and she's too considerate to share his germs with us. We came home for about an hour to rest before heading to James' birthday party and then we ran back home to sit for another new friend. It was a busy day, but a good one. Paul's birthday is the 31st so call him and ask him how old he is. =)


Morgan said...

Total aside, but a good piece of tape will usually get a splinter out when no tweezers are to be found. If it is poking out anyway.

Your daughters are beautiful, Liz. There are some awesome photos there!

ADB said...

how fun! you have the cutest two girls EVER!!


Grammy said...

Miss that Carly, prickly bits and all.

Stacy said...

Award time, go and get it!

Stacy said...

Award time, go and get it!

KKGhoffman said...

oh my aunt who has 4 boys told me at christmas that you can put orajel on a splinter to help numb the pain. I never would have thought of that!

The Warren Family said...

I love that sweater you have on Carly! And I agree. You have 2 incredibly adorable and gorgeous girls!