Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wear Whatever...Make Some Messes...

I decided to reinstate Wear Whatever Saturdays, mostly because Carly walked out of her room in THIS. For those of you who saw us yesterday, yep this IS in fact the dress that Carly wore all day yesterday. She took it out of the laundry, added the belt, the fuschia socks...she was so proud of herself.
Then I let her decide her hair. There is a beaded ponytail holder and three clips back there. Plus the purple headband.
Bree was enjoying her jumper while we waited for Carly's favorite song to finish.
But it did make her little nose pretty red!
We went to our favorite bakery for Carly's super healthy breskist. =)
Bree had fish
Jacuzzi tub, meet a three-year old with access to bubble bath.

Then, this junior-high home ec project is day one of our week of celebrating Paul's birthday. Designed by Carly, performed by Mommy. Please note that Paul's portrait has five fingers and teeth. It was VERY important.
White chocolate advice, it's a better idea to use the gross candy stuff because chocolate breaks a lot. Also, when it's still hot and melty, it sort of makes a mess. Hopefully with practice it won't look like I did it blindfolded. Haha =)
Watch this with sound. It's Bree giving us a concert while we were waiting for Carly's ears to be fixed. Soooo sweet!


Grammy said...

ooooo. Miss that baby!

Anonymous said...

Caarly is quite the fashion diva:)

Erin said...

Love the cake, love Carly's sense of style, and love Bree's beautiful voice. Looks like you all had a great day!