Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Super Club

I stolt this photo from Kim from our way fun dinner party last night. Those are my crazy hands trying to keep Bree from falling over, which she did anyway, right into Camryn (middle) who then burst into tears.
This is Avery and Camryn, both 10 months, and Bree who looks like such a jellybean beside them. Carly was outside the whole time, running around with the boys because these were the only other girls there. We did have a really fun playdate with Jane earlier in the afternoon - I have to get better about the camera - I don't know what happened yesterday!


Kim said...

So glad you guys came last night and that I got to snuggle sweet Bree and have "conversation" with Carly!

FosterFamily4 said...

Oh, how cute!! I cannot get over how much Bree looks like Carly!!

Grammy said...

Oh, I initially thought this was an old picture of Carly! Hair is darker, though, isn't it?