Thursday, December 04, 2008

Skiing Fairy and Leg Sweaters

I'm sorry I've been such a slacker about posting new photos...we'll get better about it now that we have interesting stuff going on. =)
So, this is last Friday. The girls and I were hanging out with our new buddy Bradley, while his parents went Christmas shopping. They decided that it was much more fun to play trains in my room than anywhere else...and since I can't figure out how to work Carly's Thomas racing game, she repurposed the parts to go skiing. She was saying "SWOOSH, SWOOSH." In her favorite new play a woodland fairy. =)
Sweet Bradley knew she needed her hat to complete the outfit!
I keep trying to catch Bree's SuperSad Face with her lower lip sticking waaay out, but I can't seem to get it. But this is sad enough, isn't it? Poor baby was so tired.
SILLY Carly! They didn't go out for recess today because it's rainy and cold, so she has tons of energy left over! And these...these are 'leg sweaters.'I finally, after a year and a half, got her Baby Legs. I think they're adorable and she thinks they're cool, and she calls them Leg Sweaters. Haha...Santa might have to pack a few of these into his sleigh I think.
She loves them!


Brandi said...

i want leg sweaters!

Our Family of Four said...

I almost bought Maggie baby legs for the cool CA nights but they were too expensive. Or am I cheap? Maybe the price came down :o) Whatever, they are super cute and practical!