Sunday, December 07, 2008

Hooray for Heat!

So our thermostat stopped working a few days ago...we replaced it. Paul installed the first one, but it was broken, so I returned it and installed the second one...we thought we had it right, but nothing was coming on.

I got on Angie's List, expecting to call some people and leave messages, but the first guy I called actually answered and then came out two hours later (right when he said he would) and had the problem - a loose connection - fixed in about half an hour. And for not many dollars, which was super news for us!

Anyway, if you're in Baton Rouge, go with Snow and Sun LLC...this is my little shout out for amazing, professional service!

And NOW we're going to pick out a tree!!! And when we wake up tomorrow, it will hopefully be warmer than the 55 degrees we "enjoyed" this morning. =)

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Grammy said...

Warmer than 55 degrees? What?