Friday, February 13, 2015

First Two Weeks of February 2015

Hi again! Okay, right below this post are a bunch of pictures from January. Highlights...there aren't any from Paul's birthday because he wanted a small quiet celebration and that's what he got. I'm sitting up in my room listening to Katie's version of quiet time, which, from the sounds coming from her room, appears to be her singing the entire Frozen soundtrack while emptying out her closet. Should be fun to clean up later, haha.

It's Valentine's Day tomorrow! I'm excited - it's sooooo fun with the kids! I make the house cute, we give them little surprises tomorrow and tell each other sweet things. So great. 

I'm super happy that it's almost halfway through February because I have no use for the winter. Carly and I are going skiing again March 1, and since winter sports are about the only good thing about this season, I'll just hold out for that. And then somehow make it through March....anyway. Winter sucks, the end.

Then there's the one day with sunshine and it's 40 degrees and we go play at the park. Katie is getting so big - she does everything fearlessly.

Some work at home - the beginning of Carly's Valentine unicorn mailbox and Katie coloring...that particular day Katie was still in pj's at noon. Pretty sweet.

THEN! OMG! So awesome! Drexel and Penn are side by side in Philadelphia and their engineering departments got together to present Materials Day. It was all about the stuff our stuff is made of....way extremely cool and check out how many GIRLS there were leading and teaching and generally being totally normal science kids. Super favorite. I didn't mention it because then it would be a thing - I think it's best if my girls just accept that girls do science. The first awesome engineering student was writing "monosaccharide" on Bree's balloon - all the other kids were getting tetrahedra (think pyramid) shapes but my girl wanted something different and this girl was creative and rad enough to give it to her. SO COOL.

Learning about non-Newtonian liquids (think corn starch and water). Katie earned a t-shirt by being brave enough to run across the cornstarch solution. I was geeking out all day - I love this stuff.



This is what it looks like half a second before Mommy snatches her phone right out of your hand. Lol - that's my serious face.

We went with my sister to the circus last night! IT WAS SO AMAZING. I've been to the circus before, but it was NOTHING like this. Truly, such a great show - so vibrant, the costuming was incredible, etc etc. They changed the animal demonstrations so that the handlers are able to speak about their animals, they just seem kinder and it was much less sad than the last time. And the human performers wow.


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