Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Second Week of August...I think...

I love this - my girls love their sweet daddy!

Bree is SUCH a loving girl! She made this beaded necklace with a J for her new baby cousin JJ and a P for her daddy.
It's the jump in the end that gets me EVERY time. Katie loves the trampoline park! It's roughly eight million dollars for the four of us to jump for an hour and a half, but man, on a day that's too cool for the pool, it was a great way to burn up some of that excess energy. Plus...well, this is really stinking cute.

One afternoon, we just decided to go check out the treehouses (oops, no photos!) at Taylor Arboretum near Philly. It was pretty fun - the weather was GORGEOUS. We grabbed a friend and took off!

This was another place with really cool grounds. Very EXTENSIVE grounds...glad I grabbed this wagon one of the interns had left by the ticket booth, because my girls would never have made it all the way through without help!

There were hammocks! SO fun!

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