Wednesday, September 03, 2014

School and More Springlake Beach

Oh my goodness gracious, I'm finally caught up.
I should probably not just update this bloggy once a month, yeah? Probably when school starts I'll be able to get back to more regular posting and then maybe even have something interesting to say, but until that time (it's in two days...)...

Anyway, speaking of school, we packed up the backpacks with all the supplies for my big fourth grader and my big first grader....who will be at school ALL day, leaving me and Katie to go forth and adventure on our own. And maybe the big girls will have enough space away from one another that they won't be trying to claw one another's eyes out all day long. Ahhh...that would be nice!

Today, the day after the pool closed for the season, was 93 and steamy hot. Great for the beach! Of course we went back to Springlake - are there other beaches in Jersey??? We met our Magee friends and our beach friends (hey there are two of them! Nora and Henry, sharing lunch with Katie!). We got to the beach around 8:30, and it was already super hot, so I was really glad we were there!

There was a significant lack of kids for Carly to play with! Usually she finds a group and boom she's gone the whole time we're there, but today she was going a little crazy. =)

Bree was with us, and that's her head in the water up in the upper left-hand corner. She spent the whole time with Claire, so we never saw her except when she was hungry (every twenty minutes), or fighting with one of her sisters. =) What are you going to do. Katie had a GREAT time with Megan sitting in the waves, and then a GREAT time jumping off the sand cliff caused by the crazy strong surf crashing on the beach and trying to wash our kids out to sea.

Katie and I stayed home while Paul who was miraculously home, took the big girls to piano. KC was going a little crazy herself, with her sunscreeny greasy hair and jumping all over.
Enjoy the next like TEN posts, because we've had some pretty amazing adventures this season!
It's not fall until September 23, but it's nice that it's school time. Almost. In two days.

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