Tuesday, September 02, 2014

My Springlake Beach Obsession

Y'all. I love this beach for several reasons which I will now list:

1) It is about 50 minutes from my house with no traffic.

2) It is a $10 beach tag for people over 11. This is great because it means I only pay $10 and I don't have to deal with unattended teenagers or people who don't want to pay $10 for a beach tag.

3) You're not allowed to eat on the beach. This is great because the beach isn't all trashy and seagully. People line up their coolers along the boardwalk and just hop up for a snack when needed. For us, that's roughly every twenty minutes.

4) There are flush toilets.

5) There are small snack bars at the bathroom buildings, but no other businesses along the boardwalk. This is great for me because the noise of the beach and keeping up with three kids is enough work for my frazzled senses. =)

6) We get to the beach early early (before 9), so parking is a breeze. Also, parking is free.

7) When we need a water ice break, we can put Katie in the stroller and walk over to the next town where there are trailer bathrooms, and playgrounds, and $7 beach tags and food trucks, and smoking is allowed, and seagulls and trash and undesirable beach neighbors abound...but there's water ice. So we get it there and walk back to the nice, calm, clean, lovely Springlake side. This also gives Katie a break from the beach which = a less cranky little girl. Winning all around!

ALSO! We met a really nice family while we were there, and we went on to have a few more adventures with them this summer (posts to follow)...it was great! This day was a little cool for the beach as it didn't break 80 all day and it was breezy, but no one cared until 5 when it just got TOO cold, and I had to pack up my little burritos and head home.

Crazy girls wrestling. And ptfo in the car on the way home. They played for, what, seven hours?? They were worn OUT!

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