Thursday, July 24, 2014

Our Mountain Adventure

Two days after school finally, finally, finally ended, we drove a couple of hours into the mountains and rented a house to hang out with my dad and sister. The weather was perfect and we had a fabulous time. Also, we dyed Katherine's hair lavender, because why not.


There were bears! And deer, and raccoons, and beavers, and chipmunks and a whipporwill....oh and a tick. Which I had to pull off of Carly's ankle myself. But the bears! Every morning and night they'd walk their circuit around our cabin, and we learned to just go up to the deck and avoid scaring ourselves half to death like the first night we saw them.

Also - Carly and miracle of the selfie.

What might be the cutest picture I'll ever take on the left, and Bree's story about what happened with the bear on the right. You will notice her hair is flying out behind her because she was running so fast. =)

The girls discovered "rivering!" And it is totally their favorite thing ever. Bree's suit makes her look a little naked here, but it's so hilarious. They were supposed to pose like the intrepid explorers they are and only Bree did it - Carly was over posing for me and Katie was just confused about what was in the twees.

We had THE best time - I love love love the mountains! I can't wait to go back next year. =)

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